Access Securepak - Wake County Detention Center Package Program - NC (2024)

COVID-19 Call Center Availability:

Due to COVID-19, Call Center hours maybe increased or decreased as necessary. Thank you for your patience.

How can I place an order?

By phone at 636-888-7003 (Need a 1-800 number? Click Here)

What are the program limits?

There is a limit of $70 per month per inmate. Multiple packages can be ordered and will be consolidated for 1 delivery.

Why can’t I place an order for an inmate?

Inmates may be restricted from receiving a package for various reasons. This could be due to a request from the facility or it could be because the inmate received an order that was later denied by the credit card cardholder for possible suspicious activity. In such a case, the inmate will no longer be able to receive orders. The inmate’s full order privileges can be reinstated if the full amount of the denied credit card transaction is paid in full. For further assistance in this matter please call Securepak customer service at 636-888-7003 (Need a 1-800 number? Click Here).

When will my order deliver?

Orders arrive at the facility on Wednesdays.

How do I check the status of my order and/or track its progress?

We will email a confirmation number to you within two business days of receiving your order.

Visitaccesscatalog.comand enter the confirmation number or inmate number. You can also live chat with a customer service representative during regular business hours—Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.–11:59 p.m. EST and Saturdays, 11 a.m.– 5 p.m. EST.

Call 636-888-7003 (Need a 1-800 number? Click Here) any time day or night to access our automated system. Customer service representatives are available during regular business hours.

What’s your return policy?

If an item is found to be defective upon receipt and is returned to us within 30 days, we will replace it at no charge or provide a refund according to the facility’s policy. Package recipients should report the discrepancy to facility administration immediately. Access Securepak is not responsible for items the facility finds are damaged, expired or broken. Processing fees are non-refundable.

How much is the processing fee?

The processing fee is $7.95 per order.

How much is the tax?

There is a sales tax of 2% on food items and 6.75% on hygiene items, property items and processing fees.

How can I avoid sending food items that are not approved by the correctional facility?

All items listed on the website have been pre-approved by the facility.

What happens if the recipient of my order is moved to a security level that does not allow packages?

If your loved one becomes ineligible to receive packages after your order has shipped, the facility will hold the order for 7 days to be picked up. All sales are final.

What happens if an inmate receives more than one package from family members or friends?

If an inmate receives more than the maximum amount of packages he or she is allowed, the order(s) will not be processed and the sender will receive a refund.

What if something is broken, damaged or missing from my order?

We will issue a refund for or replace broken, damaged, or missing products reported by facility staff. We cannot honor reports of discrepancies from inmates’ families or friends.

Can an item become out of stock or unavailable after I place my order?

Yes. If an item becomes out of stock or unavailable after the order is placed, Access Securepak will increase the quantities of items already ordered to use the funds from the unavailable items or issue a refund. This will depend on when the out of stock or unavailable item is expected to arrive at Access Securepak.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept VISA, MasterCard and Discover credit/debit cards; prepaid cards (that have a verifiable United States address). When paying by credit card, include the card number, expiration date, card verification number (three-digit number on back), and card holder’s name, address and telephone number. Credit/debit and prepaid cards will be charged on the day the order is placed. Refunds or credits will be applied to the original card used. Allow additional time for refunds/credits on prepaid cards.

My prepaid credit card does not have a billing address—can I use it on this site?

Because our site always validates a billing address, you must first contact the prepaid credit card company to register a billing address for the card.

How do I report a discrepancy with the order (missing item, wrong product)?

The contents of the package will be validated in the presence of facility staff. If a discrepancy is found, the facility staff will verify it and send appropriate paperwork to Access Securepak. Depending on facility policy, we will issue a refund or replace the item(s) at no charge to resolve the discrepancy. All discrepancies must be reported from the facility; we cannot honor reports of discrepancies from inmates’ families or friends. Please allow 3-4 weeks for discrepancies to be resolved.

Access Securepak - Wake County Detention Center Package Program - NC (2024)


Is Access Securepak legit for inmates? ›

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) has approved this independent vendor to sell merchandise to inmates and the public.

What is access mcp inmate pack? ›

Access Securepak Custom Package Program is the correctional industry's most comprehensive, flexible and user-friendly inmate package program. It's designed to meet your facility's unique technical needs, as well as the needs of inmates' family and friends.

How do I add money to access Securepak? ›

How to Deposit Funds: Deposits can be made at any time by friends or family members of an inmate in the following ways: (1) Online:; (2) By Mail: Send payments to: Access Securepak, P.O. Box 50028, Sparks, NV 89435-0028 (the Inmate's Name and Number must accompany each payment); or (3) By Phone to: ...

How to send care packages to inmates in Texas? ›

Care packages (Securepak®) can be purchased by family and friends for incarcerated individuals. Care packages can be ordered through or 1-800-546-6283. The average processing and delivery time frame for Securepaks® is five days.

How long does it take to get a package from Access Securepak? ›

Packages will deliver weekly to the facility on Wednesdays. Allow 7-10 working days for orders to arrive at the facility. How do I check the status of my order and/or track its progress? We will email a confirmation number to you within two business days of receiving your order.

Can inmates get packages from Amazon? › makes deliveries to prisons. However, we recommend that you contact the prison first to confirm that they accept deliveries and to ask about any special policies they have. The label on the outside of the package should only state the destination address, company name, and return address.

What is a quarterly package? ›

Quarterly Packages are packages that consist primarily of clothing, tennis shoes, food, and health and beauty items. Inmates in the California Department of Corrections that are classified as Privilege Group A/B are allowed one 30 pound Quarterly Package each quarter.

How do I track my access from Securepak? ›

How can I track Access Securepak order status? You can track your order status in AfterShip tracking page: by using the tracking number that you received in your order confirmation email.

How many packages can an inmate receive in California? ›

Frequently Asked Questions. Packages can be ordered once per quarter for inmates in California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation facilities.

How do I add money to my inmate on the getting out app? ›

Log in to your GettingOut account. Click on the “Deposit” link on the left-hand side or the My Account tab and then “Deposit.” Choose the inmate you'd like to receive funds, the payment method and the amount. You can also set up recurring deposits for your convenience.

How do I add money to my inmate West Valley? ›

Getting Money to an Inmate

Cash can be put on an inmate's books but it must be done in person at the West Valley Detention Center. Money orders or bank checks sent via the mail must be signed and made payable to the inmate. Mailed-in money orders or bank checks cannot exceed $200.00.

What can you put in a care package for someone in jail? ›

Personal hygiene items like toothpaste, shampoo, and deodorant are commonly included. Some inmates also receive shoes, sweats, or underwear in care packages. Sometimes things like guitar picks, headphones, art supplies, and books can be sent to prisoners.

What is eCommDirect? ›

eCommDirect is the safe and easy way to deposit money for family members or friends in a Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) facility and the only direct purchase program for TDCJ. Search Inmate & Shop. Ways to Give to Your Loved One.

How do you put money on their books? ›

If an inmate asks you to put “money on his book” so he can make commissary purchases there are several ways you can do it; You can MAIL in a money order or cash. We highly recommend that you don't send cash through the mail. Personal checks are not accepted.

What apps do federal inmates use? ›

If a federal inmate wants to send and receive emails, they'll have to use the prison monitored electronic messaging program. The electronic messaging program provides an enormous benefit to federal inmates who want to communicate electronically.

Is inmate care packages legit? ›

Inmate Quarterly Packages are available through authorized private vendors (view approved package vendor list). Since 2003, the CDCR has contracted with a number of statewide and national companies that ensure inmates receive packages.

Do prisons read inmate mail? ›

With the approval of the Facility Commander, all non-privileged outgoing mail may be read by custody staff to ensure inmate communications do not pose a threat to the safety of staff, other inmates, the security of the facility, or if reasonable suspicion exists that it, the correspondence is being used in the ...

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